Discreation – Procreation of the Wretched

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DISCREATION celebrate death metal that combines the best elements of both the American and European schools of death metal by melting blast, groove and melodies into a unique mixture.

With “Procreation Of The Wretched“, DISCREATION are about to open a new chapter in their career. The music became even more heavy and darker, both being emphasized by the new band logo. The album was recorded with Thilo Krieger at the Desert Inn Studio. The natural production captures the live feeling perfectly without missing the contemporary punch.

For the artwork, DISCREATION could once again employ the renowned artist Juanjo Castellano, who created a perfect match to the music with his dystopic style.


01. Planetary Punishment
02. Descending To Abysmal Darkness
03. Megacorpse
04. Procreation Of The Wretched
05. The Hunter
06. To Cosmic Shores
07. Corporate Hatred
08. Decapitation Marathon
09. Your Good Shelter
10. Dead Certainties

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