Devilgroth – Ivan Grozny

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More Hate Prod. presents the third full-length release of the band! Ivan IV Vasilyevich, the first Russian tsar, known as Ivan the Terrible… Some reckon him a tyrant, others – a wise sovereign, while still others call him a saint. The Tsar and the troublous times of medieval Russia return with the new album of this duo from Novosibirsk! Chaotic instrumentations, intentionally emphasized rawness of sound and some brave experiments with clean singing make this opus especially dark and (even) theatrical. This album traditionally has blurry sound characteristic of the band. In the same way as before harsh black metal predominates on the new release, however, this time it also features some downtempo doom/ post metal inserts and abundantly used orchestrations. The concept of the album deals with spiritual formation and transformation of Ivan the Terrible. The use of these historically ambiguous themes is a really new step in development of Russian black metal.

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