Despondent – The Gallows

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With a name like Despondent, one might expect sullen, depressive anthems with sullen lyrics preaching despair and desolation. One might expect grim, brooding imagery laden with self-harm and self-loathing. What one probably wouldn’t expect would be relentless aggression, slamming brutality and sparks of sinister technicality–which is exactly what they get. This crushing Cuyahoga quartet are as eviscerating as they are evil, combining slamming death metal’s speed with deathcore’s penchant for punishing grooves and bone-snapping breakdowns with a uniquely gritty and raw feel, connecting with the listener the same way a point-blank fired bullet connects with its target.
Formed in the Fall of 2014, Despondent have worked through tedious lineup changes and progressive maturation of their sound to achieve their current, remarkably talented quartet. Breaking into the scene with their debut EP, The Gallows, Despondent launched into the heavy music underground like heroin into a virgin vein. Since then, the band have refused to slow down, releasing a sophomore EP, Awakening the Elder Gods, as well as featuring on two splits (Collected and Harvested as well as Jesus Christ, How Horrifying), proving Despondent’s dedication to delivering gut wrenching gore and brutality to the heavy music underground. Blossoming from humble beginnings, Despondent have smashed through their ceiling, making the sky their only limit–meaning heavy music fans everywhere are about to be shadowed by sinister, skin-peeling devastation from these Ohio aggressors.

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