Departure Chandelier – Dripping Papal Blood (3″ MCD + Slim Case)

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(ORCD 175) DEPARTURE CHANDELIER / Dripping Papal Blood (3″ MCD + Slim case)
Release Date : 15th July 2022

Asian exclusive version – Limited 700
For World wide : Available at NWN
! Black metal by Dominick Fernow and Kris Lapke of blood

ASH POOL and Crucifixus (OT) of AKITSA Their 1st album “Antichrist Rise to Power” released from Nuclear War Now 1 in 2019 is Raw like ASH POOL. Neither black metal nor mad black metal like AKITSA, they garnered a lot of attention in the underground with a sound that transcends the category of primitive black metal, with a mixture of divinity and ominousness.

This work was released in 2010. It was a sound source for the 2nd demo recorded in , and was digitally distributed in 2020, but this time it became a physical release from NWN!.This work is the confrontation between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII It seems that the theme is about the imprisonment of the 7th generation.It is rare for black metal to use historical facts as the subject matter, but it seems that the band itself has a concept of French history.I wonder if that has something to do with it, The sound can also feel the elements that lead to French black metal everywhere.

And the sound of this work, frankly speaking, gives an impact equal to or more than the masterpiece “Antichrist Rise to Power”. The Dos black and divine atmosphere that covers the whole is similar to DEATHSPELL OMEGA, but the sound style is completely different from DoS. The heroic development of the middle tempo part, which seems to be in line with the concept of the work, is the main part, and although it is reminiscent of the epic black metal of the early days of Summoning, it also has a genuine jet-black atmosphere. there is Including the intro and outro that strongly emits a ritual atmosphere and a disturbing atmosphere, it has a surprisingly high degree of perfection as a work, even though it is only 4 songs. Why was such a sublime and exquisite sound source shelved?

Underground Black Metal Freaks is a must-have. Furthermore, I would like to assert that it is a gem that goes beyond the framework of black metal and resonates widely with dark extreme music lovers.

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