Demonic Temple – Incrementum

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The latest album by Poland’s DEMONIC TEMPLE called “INCREMENTUM”. Be taken on a grim journey through dark passageways with songs that transform you through occult alchemy in the form of Esoteric Black Metal. “Incrementum” is not only memorable it submerges the listener into a cold ethereal landscape leading ultimately to illumination. The second album from Demonic Temple which leads the band into a new dynamic sound expansive direction. “Incrementum” shines with raw yet excellent production that is crowned by mastering by M (No Solace, MGLA, Kriegsmaschine…)

If you find atmospheres influenced by early MGLA appealing then DEMONIC TEMPLE are sure to enlighten. Poland offers yet another interesting dark philosophical gem of a band! A path traversed by only a few great bands of the genre! ~Lord Typhus (Owner DHR)~

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