Decomposition of Entrails – Perverted Torments Re-Recorded (Cassette in Slipcase)

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DECOMPOSITION OF ENTRAILS Perverted Torments Re-Recorded Tape in Slipcase Limited 50 copies !!!

Repetition is the mother of learning! Everything new is a well-forgotten old! What else is there on this topic? Severe Chelyabinsk slammers DECOMPOSITION OF ENTRAILS decided to follow both of these statements! The band’s re-recorded debut album “Perverted Torments” is out on COYOTE RECORDS! The classic brutal slamming from these guys needs no introduction, and the debut album, re-recorded with a new fattest sound, will be a great gift for all fans of the style and bands such as EPICARDIECTOMY, CEPHALOTRIPSY, CEREBRAL INCUBATION, TRAUMATOMY and, of course, DECOMPOSITION OF ENTRAILS themselves! Release 02/22/2022

Russian slamming brutal death monsters DECOMPOSITION OF ENTRAILS are preparing a great surprise for us! Their debut longplay «Perverted Torments” will be rewritten and reissued on COYOTE RECORDS 22 February 2022! New meat sound tearing flesh and eardrums will be appreciated by fans of the genre and sick slamming meat grinders like EPICARDIECTOMY, CEPHALOTRIPSY, CEREBRAL INCUBATION, TRAUMATOMY and of course DECOMPOSITION OF ENTRAILS themselves!

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