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This second full lenght by Sassaresi Deathcrush entitled “Hell”, pressed four years after the “Collective Brain Infektion” debut album, is once again remarkably massive in content starting with the granitic as well as powerful structured gaits on diabolical riffs and relative rhythms, not too technical, but absolutely effective. The strength of the combo is undoubtedly also the presence of melodic passages more likely to make more appreciable what is essentially the compositional genetics of the band. In terms of care and attention in the processing of the disc, the trio certainly does not regret the fourth element, resulting in everything so compact that they do not even realize it; not that he should cry out for the miracle, but undoubtedly the strength of the whole record is, beyond the good preparation of the band, also the creative modality and the conviction that goes to characterize the whole operativity. The songs flow together well and among the countless rhythmic variations, far from being only pounding, there is a valid appreciable nature to the adoption of the most particular gaits of both the drums and of course the guitar. Among the songs, after the massive “Incest Of The Wretched” opener, it starts off as a missile and then finds itself rich with melodies the next “Eucharisty Of Worms”, admirable for the rhythmic imprints taken; yet to be reported, “Dethroned Arcangels”, a song with an almost mixed appearance and a dark black metal that never loses its own Death Metal character;

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