Death Metal Cult – Embloodyment / Ruthless / Vepkoc / Karmak

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Four awesome underground bands united for the Death metal cult.

Ruthless, death metal from A Coruña since 2015, when they release a self release EP called “Trilogy of denial” generating great expectations in the Death Metal media. In 2018 the band sign with Base Records Productions to release their first full CD “Aftermath”

Karmak is a Death Grind trio with two vocalist formed in 2001 (Venta de Baños – Palencia) with hardcore punk / DIY attitude (his bass player is the designer of the band). Till the date they release 3 long play albums, 2 Eps and a compilation.

Enbloodyment. Death metal band from Madrid. At the end of 2013, Embloodyment decides to record a bit more serious demo with materials they’ve been performing on stage. The demo was called “Let it bleed”. In summer of 2015 the band gets in studio to record its first album, “The One Before the Last”. They are currently in the rehearsal room composing, preparing and recording the songs for their new album

Vepkoc Start in 2010 founded by Juan Carlos Pérez and Manuel López, both from Irredemption. until the date they release a MCD throung Base record