Dead Right There – Discography (Digi Pak)

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Finally the time has come. What has been nearly 2 years in the making Unknown Force and Sound of White Noise Records are proud to release the former Dallas based band deadrightthere. The band contained members such as Champ Morgan and Tyler Berry who would go on to play in Kill the Client, Kaliya, and BLK OPS among others. Deadrightthere played brutal metallic hardcore in the vein of Converge and Coalesce between 2001-2004. This release contains every song they created: the infamous “Newcastle demo”, the second unnamed demo, and the never released professionally recorded full length that has never seen the light of day until now. This is a limited one time pressing of 300 hand numbered digipacks and will never be re-pressed again. Meticulous effort was taken by the labels to ensure that this release was heard and given a proper release.

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