Dead Point – The Moral of Hypocrisy (Digi Pak)

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New album by one of the oldest grind/death metal bands from Russia! Despite the slow start, by 2021 these guys gained momentum: this is their second album, released this year. The material was recorded at Absurd Death studio, mixed and mastered by the band’s drummer Ruslan Dreychuk with technical assistance from Ruslan Andrukhanenko and RC music. As compared to the previous works of the band, this is the same hardcore and explosive grind/death metal with a moderate dose of hardcore and socially determined lyrics. However this time the craftsmen from Sochi demonstrate almost supersonic level of performance, a rare track is longer than one minute. From the first and almost until the very last minute of the CD length DEAD POINT gradually roll listeners into asphalt, leaving no time for respite or a smoke break. Analogies with NAPALM DEATH immediately come to mind, however the band makes no bones about it! The CD features 3 NAPALM DEATH covers inclusive of the mighty and legendary ‘Suffer The Children’! On a lighter note there are two relaxing cover versions of the songs originally performed by DR. FAUST – the side project of DEAD POINT members.

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