Crypts of Despair – The Stench of the Earth

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Crypts of Despair – a four piece Death Metal band from Lithuania est. 2009 in Kaunas by S.K. (Drums), J.Ž. (Bass/Vocals) and V. (Guitars). The trio was later joined by D.A. (guitars/vocals) who eventually remained the only guitar player in the band since 2010 and V. departed shortly after a couple rehearsals. The band existed with that line up for the next 4 years in which time they developed an old school sounding death metal style in their compositions which they promulgated by actively playing gigs all around Lithuania including festivals like “Kilkim Žaibu”.

In 2013 the band went into a deep slumber due to some band members unable to continue because of personal reasons and would not be revived until 2016. Talks of putting the band back together were initially started between D.A. and S.J. (Bass/Vocals – current) in early 2016 and S.K. joined with no hesitation as the idea of reviving the band at some point was always in the back of their minds. The decision was made to record an album at the end of the year since song material was plenty and vibes were energetic and fueled with passion and ideas.

From as early as the first days of the bands existence the idea was to be a four piece thus later that year the ranks were joined by B.J. (guitars) and the group started preparing for the recording of what became “The Stench of the Earth”.

The revival and new line up evolved the character of the band into a heavier and darker sound reinforced by an unusual approach of using two fully fledged vocalists with lyrical themes that include disgust and hatred towards humanity, death worship and the occult.
Once the record was ready, this now – four piece squad started actively performing live and have appered in numerous events together with more notable bands like Funebrarum, Mgla, Embrace of Thorns, Demonomancy, Phrenelith and more with upcoming events including Grave Miasma in London.

When it comes to the future Crypts of Despair wishes nothing more than to spread their darkness all around the world with their live rituals and recorded blasphemy ever improving on the quality and proficiency.

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