Cryptic Process – Human Snack (Digi Pak)

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CRYPTIC PROCESS is a French Brutal Death Metal duo composed of Dam (vocals) and Ugo (guitars + Prog).
After playing together in previous bands – Heresy and Goryptic – both of them ventured into the Grindcore scene for a few years (Ugo with Trepan’Dead and Dam with Unsu).

Despite the interruption in their collaboration, the desire to create Brutal Death music still lingered with the two friends.

In 2020, they reunited to play together, and CRYPTIC PROCESS was born. They worked in silence on their debut album to create intense, technical, and vibrant music, influenced by bands such as Goratory, Necrophagist, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, and Infant Annihilator.

In late June 2023, they released their first promotional track, “Awakening Before This,” to give a glimpse of the upcoming album.

The recording of their debut album, “Human Snack” took place during August 2023. Shortly after the release of the promo track, interested labels offered their partnerships for the album’s release: Drowning in Chaos Records and Crypt of Dr. Gore.

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