Cryptic Dissolution – Morbific Reminiscences In Physical Forms (Cassette)

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Cryptic Dissolution “Morbific Reminiscences In Physical Forms” (DFR 034).

We proudly present a new band joining the Dismal Fate Records roster with their brand new album “Morbific Reminiscences In Physical Forms”.

Three piece death metal band from Moscow, Russia. Crushing mid tempo riffs, devastating blastbeats and gurgling vocals for all the fans of bands like Cianide, Carnage, Acephalix, Grave etc.

1. Abyssal Call
2. Lucifer Chant
3. Venomous Tormentor
4. Flesh Reaper
5. Killing Frost
6. Holy Putrefaction
7. Remnants of reason

Yuriy – Guitar, Bass, Vox
Nick – Drums

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