Cruel Fate / Expunged – Split (Cassette)

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Release Date: July 29th, 2022
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Cruel Fate

Primitive, no frills and straight-to-the-point old school death metal.

Hailing from Ottawa, this 5 piece band conjures up all of the best tricks you can find in ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, GRAVE and ENTOMBED’s handbook for surviving the old school apocalypse. CRUEL FATE delivers the sickness as if they were teleporting back from 1989.


Expunged may not be reinventing the death metal wheel but holy fuck do they do it well. This isn’t only dark and filthy, it’s catchy and will have you headbanging immediately. For fans of Swede DM ala Carnage, Nirvana 2002 and Dismember.

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