Cranial Osteotomy – Victim of Wicked Sickness (Cassette)

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1 Orange and 1 Yellow cassette in stock
Brutal Death Metal


COY 101.2-18 CRANIAL OSTEOTOMY Victim Of Wicked Sickness Siberian Slamming Brutality

1.Introduction In Human Disembowelmnet

2.Decayed Wounds

3.Oppressing Of Mentality

4.Harvesting The Extirpated

5.Perverted In Cruel Form Surgery

6.Sweet Brutality

7.Gerontophile Sick Sodomy

8.Devoured Essential

9.Painful Erection Clitoris

10.Drowning In Fluids Of Colporrhagia

11.Victim Of Wicked Sickness

12.Cadaveric Flesh Amputated

13.Systematic Excoriation

Bonus tracks:

14. Disintered From The Womb

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