Corpsegod – Construct of Lethe

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Construct of Lethe is back… from the past!
The band’s unrelenting debut album “Corpsegod” returns in a brand new shape, re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered showcasing Kevin Talley on drums and now also featuring Pat Bonvin (Near Death Condition, Construct of Lethe’s Exiler)’s incredible solos! Available on CD for the first time ever!
10 tracks of pure relentless Death Metal.

“I’ve never been happy with the Corpsegod released in 2016. It’s unfinished, and though it was the best it could have been, all I can hear are its shortcomings; in order to move on as a band though, it had to be put out. When Everlasting Spew Records expressed interest in a re-release, it presented the perfect opportunity to fix those shortcomings. Lead guitarist Patrick Bonvin, who joined the band after Corpsegod was initially released, provided an entire album’s worth of guitar solos that were absent on the original. Brand new rhythm guitar and bass tracks were recorded to address inconsistencies and errors in the original recording, and of course a new mix and master were done, with attention paid to the overall feel and tone of the original.” (Tony Petrocelly)

Construct of Lethe begun in 2010 with guitarist Tony Petrocelly in 2010 aiming to consolidate and release music written for previous bands that broke up before proper recordings could be made.
After the band’s debut album “Corpsegod” and the following EP “The Grand Machination” the band debuted for Everlasting Spew with the album “Exiler”, their most dynamic and varied release to date. Solid yet avantgardish and modern.

For fans of Hate Eternal, late Morbid Angel, Hideous Divinity, Internecine

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