Colpocleisis – Elegant Degradation

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Artist: Colpocleisis
Album: Elegant Degradation
Label: Reality Fade
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2023
Location: Liverpool, UK

1. Degrade
2. Discumblobulated
3. Six Feet Chunder
4. Toxoplasmosis
5. Evangenital Obliteration (feat. Mat Davies and Jake Gamble / 357 Homicide)
6. Flagellating At The Slab
7. #ProlapsoVaginal
8. Third Degree Gurns (feat. Chris Butterworth / Crepitation)
9. Corpocleisis (feat. Neil Hudson / Krysthla)
10. Do Not Resuscitate
11. Decay

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