Child of Waste – The Stillborn King (Digi Pak)

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Artist: Child of Waste
Album: The Stillborn King
Format: Digipak CD
Digital: December 28, 2018
Physical: February 12, 2019
Genre: Brutal/Melodic Deathcore
Location: Paris, France
FFO: Aversions Crown, Brand of Sacrifice, Shokran, Angelmaker

Child of Waste unveil their crushing debut EP release ‘The Stillborn King’. Unlocking the beast within, Child of Waste bring 6 tracks of maximum annihilation with melodic and sweeping guitar riffs, brutal sound clips, slamming beatdowns, along with chugging for days. The 5 piece Euro band continues to push the boundaries with their style of Brutal Deathcore and melodic slams. The 6 panel digipak contains the lyrics on the side panels.

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