Chapel of Disease – The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art

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The long awaited second album is walking the path of putrefaction and soon ready to crawl into your mind.
The debut album „Summoning Black Gods“ from 2012 has built itself a monument in the scene as a ever flowing death metal milestone.

Götz Kühnemund (Deaf Forever/ex-Rock Hard) wrote in early 2013 about them: „Together with SULPHUR AEON and VENENUM they belongs to the top 3 Death Metal newcomer bands from Germany“

The new self-produced and recorded Album was mixed by guitarist/vocalist Laurent Teubl and mastered by Erkan Tatoglu at Midas’in Kulakligi Studios in Ankara (Turkey). Artwork by Misanthropic Art.

Track listing:

01 – The Mysterious Ways…
02 – The Dreaming Of The Flame
03 – Masquerade In Red
04 – Lord Of All Death
05 – Symbolic Realms
06 – Life Is But A Burning Being
07 – …Of Repititive Art

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