Cerebrium – The Happiest Days

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The second album by CEREBRIUM (Rybinsk, Russia) — the project formed by Morok, the guitarist of Bethlehem (Germany) and many other projects — had no chance of becoming a resemblance of the debut, as all ideas resembling the debut were principally sent to Germany for his main band. However, it had not become an issue – this time Morok was inspired by different music: hard’n’heavy from the 90s, progressive metal, European black metal and even blues. It is quite difficult to give a short description of the result. These are the words of the manager of Bethlehem that best describe the album: «I hear is that this is well-recorded, with high-fidelity, melodic blackened power metal, accessible, with somewhat nu-metal(ish) hard core vocals, razor sharp guitars, driving triggered drums, occasional strong keyboards; vein of late ‘90s melodic Swedish DM, but with that modern post-hardcore plus power metal blend. Definitely a mix of all of the above. The songs are well-written, well-arranged, impressively performed, excellent production, tightness, precision and clarity». As for the lyrics, they relate directly to the current events and feelings of the author. The world is changing, so does the approach to lyrics and album artwork. Once it were doom and gloom in the lyrics and monochromatic visual imagery. Now it’s a bright palette of experiences and images, however, no less morbid and obscure. It won’t be fun. Moreover, the selection of covered songs is quite unexpected: one song from the Eldar Ryazanov’s movie ‘Office Romance’ and imperishable ‘Wonderful Life’ by Black!

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