Cerebral Depravity – Decades of Suffering

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CEREBRAL DEPRAVITY Decades of suffering COY 248-21 DG
And again from the coast of Indonesia a blood-and-meat tsunami blows! With out slamming or other fashion influences at this time! Only pure hurricane brutal death metal presents on their debut album «Decades Of Suffering» new Indonesian brigade CEREBRAL DEPRAVITY! Furious stuff in the best traditions of
AMPUTATED GENITALS, SANGUINARY EXECUSION, GASTRORREXIS, early SEVERE TORTURE and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT and many other brutal giants worldwide! Release date 20 May 2021 on Coyote Records!

1.Endless suffering (intro)
2.Perverted Addiction of cruelty 02:45
3.Decades of Suffering view
4.Hatred on Itchy Bitchy Fuckin Whore
5.Ordo of Hate
6.Deity of Century
7.The Curse of God
8.The Luciferian Blackened Sermon of the Holy Heaven Fallen
9.Disfigured Flesh of Unholy Diciples

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