Carnal Dissection – Gore Demo (Limited Edition Reissue)

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Up from the sickening depths of the canals of Buffalo that a true sick concoction of gore then became Carnal Dissection, a Brutal Death Metal band from Buffalo, NY in 1991. Featuring former members of Tirant Sin, Mayhemesis, Putrefest, and Baphomet. The incantations of Death, Gore and blood curdling horror run within the pages of this dead for the only two demos that were released by this band, Demo 1 and then Gore, which all came out within a 1 year period that the band was together. The time within this short lived band the music still resonates within the local scene of the sheer brutality sent forth by CARNAL DISSECTION.

Carnal Dissection disbanded in 1992, only one year after the band had formed. They reformed for a lone reunion show on November 16th, 2013.

For the 2018 releases, new artwork was created with an old school feel by vocalist, Dennis John Glinski of Legacy Of Death as to make sure the feeling of old school Buffalo death metals raw beginnings are translated into horrific blood soaked induced splatter for your demo collecting needs. So for the first time since 1992, “demo 1” and “Gore” are released on tape upon the underground once again through CDN Records and Growl Records.

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