Carnal Abhorrence – Gormandizing Rupture

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Carnal Abhorrence’s debut album ‘Gormandizing Rupture’ is a mix of fast-paced brutality and melodic technicality with a flavor of juicy gutturals. The album gives an insight into the mind of a being who was created by man, for annihilation. The EP is an auditory documentary recollecting the events experienced post-creation. While also conveying the message that technology will eventually yield something which cannot be controlled.

Featuring members of Necrosadist and with cover artwork by Mottla Art. Printed with an 8 panel lyric booklet. Please note this is a distribution only release from Reality Fade and not an official Justified Insanity pressing.

For Fans Of: Decomposition Of Entrails, Virginity Fraud, 0110111101110110, Interfectorment

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