Cadaveric Incubator/Fetal Decay/Mortalized – 3 Way Split cd

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Let us introduce you this sick split-commandment of three absolutely mad bands from 3 different countries. CADAVERIC INCUBATOR is a tasty Finish abnormality which features members from such well-known acts like Deepred and Torture Killer. They’re butchering corpses with outstanding sound of savage gore death/grind which have its roots in a stinking legacy of early Carcass, Exhumed, Impetigo and Gruesome Malady. FETAL DECAY comes from Russia and presents you NY-style brutal death metal in the vein of early Dying Fetus and Internal Bleeding. Having one full-length album and split-CD with USA’s Detrimental, those boys know how to make your head bang. MORTALIZED is a Kazakhstan breed which unchains filth with excellent Mortician-like sound and makes you feel that you’re enough brave to spend a night in morgue. Don’t miss this chance. Featuring amazing cover-design by Satyr, 20 tracks and 50 minutes of embalming madness, this split is definitely what you need if you want to find a good sound-track for a full-length whore-butchery.

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