Butcher ABC – North of Hell (Cassette)

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First full album released in 2017, cassette reissue. Released on Maximum Rotting Corpse Records, an independent label by BUTCHER ABC / GRAVAVGRAV.

Formed in 1994 as a band that records only sound sources. In 2002, the group was reunited with CSSO members. BUTCHER ABC, who had not released a full album since their reunion due to frequent member changes, although they have released many live performances and music sources in Japan and abroad, took four years to produce an album and finally released their first album in 2017. announcement.

A song based on 80s thrash metal and early 90s death metal/grindcore, with a mid-tempo rhythm and blast beat. Old school death metal/grindcore with a twin vocal style influenced by CARCASS, down-tuned guitar riffs influenced by Swedish death metal, and drumming that sticks to one bass drum.

The album title “North of Hell”, inspired by SLAYER’s “South of Heaven”, is composed of an endless cycle of hell, beginning with the intro of the gates of hell opening and screaming, and then returning to hell again at the end.

Contains a total of 11 songs, including re-recordings and new songs from the sound sources released so far. This work is packed with the band’s history up to this point.

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