Burial Shroud – Angelic Annihilation

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Texas death metal veterans Burial Shroud are no strangers when it comes to producing old school death metal. With blasphemy being their main focus, they unleash a primitive old school sound but keep it interesting enough to not become dull. Most people recall Burial Shroud originally named as Butchered Saint, but the name change hasn’t made this demonic-induced hell-force any less percussive. Band members involved have been in bands such as Imprecation, Thornspawn, Incest, Gnostic and numerous others. Most of the songs can be dissected with mid-tempo beats with blasts every now and then, but the focal point is the flow of music. All of the songs have the same devilish feeling behind them. Guitar riffs are reintroduced in standard format, but rather simplistic to not over-complicate things. All in all, this is standard devil-drenched death metal that will please those looking for evil old school primitive death metal played by veterans of the style. Track listing: 1. Slaughtered Savior 2. In Glory of the Horned One 3. Angelic Annihilation 4. Damnation Rites 5. Demonic Conception

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