Brutal Brain Damage/Pussy Vibes – Grindhouse Split CD

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Death Metal, Grindcore

01 The Invocation – Bound By The Inverted Cross Of Damnation
02 Incantation Of The Seven Hells (Soundcloud)
03 Rites For Satan’s She-Devil
04 Copulation In Lustful Sin
05 Demons Of The Unholy Flesh
06 Procreation Of Evil
07 The Conjuration Of Hell On Earth
08 Mark Of The Demon
09 Devil Witch Child

Brutal Brain Damage
10 Cum On My Shoulder
11 Do Not Stack
12 Follow N’ Swallow
13 Horny Donkey
14 Le Cock Sportif (Soundcloud)
15 Squeeze The Pig
16 Vibratossauros