Brud – Cannibal Cops

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reissue of an album recorded by Ukrainian grindcore band CANNIBAL COPS back in 2012. The album is thoroughly re-mastered to achieve heavier and thicker sound that will definitely please the fans of grindcore. There is no track longer than two minutes on the album. Nevertheless, you will have enough time to enjoy fast guitar riffs, sledgehammer blast beats, thick bass rhythms and various pig squeals and screams. Breakneck “Vaginal Genocide”, “Pyzdul” and “Hit That Shit” rush like a hurricane, while the mid-tempo “Gift from Hell” and “Sour Cream Mustache” will irreversibly ram down your brain damaged by this sound attack. This mayhem is topped with pretty vulgar lyrics that contribute to the general atmosphere of insanity. The album is recorded in keeping with the best traditions of Czech school of grindcore. Is your consciousness ready to be blown to smithereens?

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