Brothers of Sword – United for Metal

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BROTHERS OF SWORD is the name of this ambitious and exciting project of traditional and absolutely epic heavy metal. Conceived and composed by Fabio Paulinelli, the driving force behind group GREY WOLF, the project took form with the accession of special guests – big names of Brazilian true metal, including: Arthur Migoto (HAZY HAMLET), Peter Kelter (THUNDERLORD) Daniel Wallançuella (CRUZADAS), Raziel Stanley (TÚMULO DE AÇO), Luiz Camargo (OUTLAW) and solo musician YURI FULONE. In this context, no other title could be more representative: “United For Metal”. Because it was thanks to the union of these warriors, so physically distant but so especially connected by their metallic spirit that you see coming to light today one of its most valuable works of the genre. There are seven tracks forged with great vigor, energy and feeling, epic touches and all the inspiration of 80s masters that the genre requires. There is no reason or space to inventions. The good and old heavy metal already exists and is presented by BROTHERS OF SWORD in its purest and honest form – United For Metal!

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