Braced for Nails – ” Icons Above All Others”

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Finally available after many many years, comes the Debut Full Length album from one of Texas’s most Brutal secret!! Sevared Records & Ossuary Industries unleash this madness!! With cover art done by the Mighty ZIg, and w/ Shawn Whitaker (Viral Load / Insidious Descrepancy, Grotesque Formation, Uncleansed, etc..) on some tracks, and Mike (Infernal Dominion) on the rest . Crushing unrelenting Brutal Death from Texas!! TXDM at it’s finest! Featuring Dobber on drums (from Sect Of Execration, Inextricable Entrails, Ingurgitate, Viral Load, etc.. ) Jim on Guitar (from Infernal Dominion, Imprecation, Uncleansed) & Chance from Infernal Dominion on Bass!

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