Body Bag – Unzipped

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After the re-release of their first and second demo on tape…. from the USA, here is BodyBag with their long-awaited demo discography “UNZIPPED” on CD for the first time ever.

Mutilated Beyond Recognition (1992), Severed Existance (1993), Pains from Nausea (1995) and Sickness and Contempt (1999). 21 songs and 60 minutes of putrid brutality.

From The Northwest depths of Portland, Oregon comes the area’s most prominent display of death metal carnage. BodyBag’s original grind-core style has started an uprising of hungry followers.

They played in support of death metal legends Morbid Angel, as well as Suffocation and Dismember. BodyBag has even opened for a lighter side of their niche with “The Organization” (formally Death Angel) tour and have been asked to support acts such as Fear factory and Entombed.

Mike Dexter…………… Vocals
Travis Dahmen…… Guitars
Eric Flath…………….. Guitars
C.J. Mikiten………………. Bass
Jim Littlefield……….. Drums

1. Intro
2. Mutilated Beyond Recognition
3. They Live on Fear
4. No Return
5. Embalmed Alive
6. Body Parts
7. Brutal Judgement
8. Malignant Torture
9. Human Remains
10. Dumpsite
11. Seeds of Torment
12. Pains from Nausea
13. Hideous Molestation
14. Eyes Gouged Out
15. Obscene Beastiality
16. Cloned
17. Sickness & Contempt
18. Marked for Extinction
19. Stripped of All Identity
20. False Pretention (Unreleased song)
21. Becoming One (Unreleased song)

All music written, arranged and
copyrighted © 1992 – 1999 by BODYBAG
Cover art by Don Siluro.
Logo by Dexter (Demise).

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