Body Asphyxiation Science – Space Adaptation Syndrome (Cassette)

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Hailing from the cosmos, by way of Brighton, UK, sci-fi obsessed death metal duo Body Asphyxiation Science present “Space Adaptation Syndrome.” Recently extracted from the moon’s surface, this debut EP features 3 tracks of brutal, cosmic death metal in the vein of Blood Incantation, Nile, and Immolation.

Gurgling Gore makes available to the clamoring public, this special cassette edition, which features a revamped cover and layout, housed in purple norelco cases. The white, windowless cassette shells are adorn with bright purple pad-print ink and the program repeats on both sides. A limited number of cassettes come bundled with an exclusive logo patch.

Long believed to be devoid of all life, the shocking lunar discovery proves that there are more questions than answers when it comes to the secrets of outer space…

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