Bloodphemy – Blood Sacrifice (Digi Pak)

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Steamrolling and rumbling death metal. Drawing influence from Florida, Sweden, and their heritage, Bloodphemy distinguish themselves with aggressive death metal mixing modern and classic styles. This is particularly true in their fourth studio album, “Blood Sacrifice”, the first to be released after the Dutchmen signed a record deal with Emanzipation. Cavernous deep roaring vocals, heavy slow crawling dirges and up-tempo psychotic slaughtering providing heavy listening that hits you in the chest and to bang your skull heavy!
The album is aptly led by a great concept: During the 1800’s, in a rural area of the US, a priest leads the congregation of a small village. He is obsessed by the sins of the people around him. He is convinced he has direct conversations with god and this drives him to see the actions of his own family as sinful. In visions he sees the destruction of heaven and the victory of the forces of hell if he lets the sinning go on. With this in mind he decides to end the sins by killing his own family. In the end he ends up in an insane asylum surrounded by only sinners and driven completely mad.
Bloodphemy was created in 2000 and is based in Amersfoort, Netherlands. In 2002 they released the album “Section 8”. Shortly after they disbanded, only to be revived in 2015. Since then they released the EP “Blood Will Tell” (2016) and the albums “Bloodline” (2017) and “In Cold Blood” (2019).
The band is also known for being an unrelenting live force, with appearances registered in stages across Germany, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Austria,

Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, and The Netherlands and festivals such as Czech Death Fest, Fuck The Commerce, Headbangers Bash, Kaltenbach Open Air, etc.

For fans of: Monstrosity, Hate Eternal, Nile, Suffocation & Bloodbath

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