Blood Tribute Compilation – Tribute to Blood

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Over 65 minutes of extreme music, 34 bands pay tribute to the Pionners of grind death band !
In Alliance with Rot Rot Prods, Purulent distro, Lymphatic Sexual distro, Burning Dogma Prods.
Includes: anal grind, anatomy, ancient necropsy, bomberos, bowel stew, cannibe, degerhate, depression, discharge by death, ebanath, epicrese, exegutor, grind division, holocausto cannibal, holy cost, lividity, magistral flatulences, mastic scum, mixomatosis, necrocannibalistic vomitorium, nepente, olocausto, parricide, pene, rancid flesh, seeking obscure, septory, slaughterhouse, snuff, spermblood shit, stickoxydal, tiran, twisted truth & virulent blessing

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