Bitchsectomy – Born Deranged: The Mind of a Serial Killer (Cassette)

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Limited to 25 Tapes.
(Smoking Black / Green Print)

Brutal Slamming Death Metal based in Ohio & Belgium

This compilation EP, is a complete breath of fresh air on a much more natural unheard death metal approach.

Bitchsectomy give nod on this record to a much more old school metal sound while writing about heinous murdering acts committed and giving a retro 80’s slasher vibe through their music all while staying true to what they believe would be the sound of sheer unrelenting terror.

1. Born Deranged
2. Swinging from the Meathook
3. When Cum Isn’t Enough Bring Blood
4. Intermissionary Position
5. 357 Anal Blowout
6. Post Traumatic Fucking Disorder
7. The Mind of a Serial Killer (Outro)
+ 2 Bonus Tracks

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