Between the Killings – The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence

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Between the Killings have returned with the second chapter in their unflinching four-part examination of the heinous acts of a barbaric serial killer; tales of incomprehensible sickness set to music of incomprehensible brutality and heaviness! This is ‘The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence’ – death metal at its most pitiless and savage form! Cascading riffs fall like knives puncturing skin, guitars dicing and dissecting, while a voice, devoid of any trace of humanity, tears you limb from limb. When ‘Omnipotence’ is released on June 7th it will leave an arterial spray across the underground brutal death metal scene. ‘Omnipotence’ will kill and kill again, until someone puts this monster down.

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