Beastlurker / Prezir – Faustian Hallucination (Cassette)

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Featuring two exclusive songs each from both bands for a total of 24 minutes, Faustian Hallucinations is a stellar display of two uprising American hordes.

PREZIR are a Milwaukee-based black metal band whose moniker is a Serbian word that roughly translates to “contempt.” They are thusly named, with the stated goal of creating acrimonious heavy metal in the spirit of their influences, with a mutual disgust for the direction of modern metal. Lyrically, the themes focus on the derision of dogmatism and corruptive ideologies, this being central to the preservation of philosophy and fortification of the intellect. The lyrics thematically target the comprehension and study of history. PREZIR’s two songs presented on this split are the first offerings from the band that focus on tales from the new world, capturing the all-devouring and insatiable manifest fate of American individualism and disregard for convention, each focusing on a single monstrous creation of the continental experiment.

Hailing from Chicago, BEASTLURKER was conceived in the fall of 2017 by M.A. Maggio and J. Geist while uniting at a known Finnish metal festival. Shortly after, an invitation was extended to S. Boersma. All music thus far was written, developed, and documented on Chicago’s Southside to provide a violent, vitriolic, yet explorative black metal experience. M.M. developed the neologism of Beastlurker based on personal demons lurking mercilessly within the psyche. The lyrical agenda is to create an excursion through a dark plane of personal history and documentation of lessons and enlightenments purposed into the cultivation of psychological and spiritual make-up. Overall, the artform is a result of the repurposing of internal and external strife to a positive medium of communication. The cathartic value is highly embraced, as the creations are like a poison extraction or antivenom in a way – or a healthy means to administer legal, creative violence. BEASTLURKER’s side of the split with was tracked instrumentally live in a raw, organic, and honest fashion without the use of click tracks or editing: a new approach to their craft, yet a natural gravitation of the band’s species and its evolution.

Released December 31, 2022

Rory Heikkila – Guitars/Bass/Arrangements
Brian Serzynski – Drums/Arrangements
Luka Đorđević – Vocals/Lyrics

M.A. Maggio – Drums/Vocals/Lyrics/Misc
J. Geist – Guitar
S. Boersma – Bass

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