Barbarity – Crush of Hypocritical Morality

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New Album Veterans Oldschool Brutal Death Metal Band

releases 21 February 2015

Line Up:
Viktor – guitar
Thanatoliy – drums
Bonif – bass
guest musician:
Thaadox – vocals

Recorded at “Black Magic” Studio.
Produced by Barbarity.
Sound Engineer Alexandr Kukin (Extinction, Mortifer). Front cover art by Andrey “Kroms”
(Kroms Art Studio, Minsk, Belarus).
Design & layout by Thaadox.
Music & lyrics by Barbarity,
except Holy Pedophile – Fleshgrind.
All guitar solos on this album
by Alexandr Anokhin (Simfonia Sumraka).
Logo art by Alex “Corpse” Galkin.
Band photo by Mikhail Vanchikov.

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