Atoll – The Gathering Swarm

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Emerging from the scorched wasteland of Sonoran Desert, Atoll smashes the uninitiated with their debut album “The Gathering Swarm”. While traversing the path of brutal death metal on this album, Atoll displays their aggressive style with hostile precision and unrelenting ferocity. From the opening of Kingdom Of Pestilence, the band set the tone for what is to come; a flurry of infectiously groovy death metal riffs, pulverizing percussive destruction and demonically devious vocals, creating a devastating slab of Slam Death Metal. This same intensity is found on the albums other tracks, like “Putrid Matriarch” or “Facehugger” that will leave eviscerated carcasses in any mosh pit. While tracks like “Among the Writhing Masses”, “Nemesis” and “Delivered Rot” present different song dynamics while staying true the gut-spilling brutality of the genre. Atoll has arrived, and in the trail of destruction left behind “The Gathering Swarm”, one thing will be clear…THIS PLACE HAS NO PLACE FOR MANKIND. For fans of Abominable Putridity, Devourment, Party Cannon and Dying Fetus.

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