Ataxia – Awaken The Nebula

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Ataxia is a unique death metal band hailing from London, Ontario Canada. Conceived in 2008 as a video concept performance, Ataxia released their first demo “A.I.cide” accompanied by a drum machine. After a long 3 year search a drummer was found and a new Ataxia was born. They will be releasing their new 13-track album in the spring of 2014. Consisting of former members from Excruciating Thoughts, Orchidectomy, Heaven Ablaze, The Myriad Burial/Fetus Feast and Thine Eyes Bleed. This line-up sheds new light on brutality and technicality in the Canadian Death-metal scene. A must see live, they deliver bone-crushing riffs and mind splitting blast beats, that are fronted by a barrage of powerhouse vocals. These four musical minds are set on making original, extreme experimental music that is sure to shed a fresh sound on the ears of the Death-metal community.

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