Astarium – Solar Despair

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“There was ominous silence all around. I had a premonition of an impending catastrophe. And so it began… The black Sun was rising above the horizon in its majesty. Standing on the edge of a cliff, I saw its shadow mercilessly covering this world. Hopelessness… Despair… Yet there was something mystical and unbearably familiar in this twilight. As if an ancestral spirit was howling like a wolf in my blood awakening some ancient long-forgotten instincts. The legend has become a reality… But what are we in for?” Welcome ‘Solar Despair’ – the ninth album by ASTARIUM. With significantly slower tempos, thicker and heavier sound the project presents its new yet distinctive style. It is still the same symphonic black metal we love. However this time there is an abundance of depressive inserts combined with ambient elements. A must-have for the fans of atmospheric music!

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