Assumption – Hadean Tides

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Death Doom explorers ASSUMPTION are finally back with their most ambitious, punishing and visionaire work. Prepare thee for a psychedelic and obscure journey!

ASSUMPTION are part of a quest for transcendence.

Formed in 2011 in Palermo, Italy by Giorgio Trombino (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) and David Lucido (Drums), ASSUMPTION deliver a peculiar psychedelic form of crushing, brutal and trance-like doom death metal.

After a few live appearances at events in 2019 such as the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Darken the Moon XI Festival in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and Asakusa Death Fest in Tokyo plus a selective EU touring in 2020, the band chooses Mara’s Cave studio in Central Italy early in the summer of 2021 to record the follow-up to 2018’s “Absconditus” album with producer Manuele Marani.

“Hadean Tides”, their first release to showcase the band’s complete line-up, including Matija Dolinar (Siderean) on Guitar and Claudio Troise (Tenebra) on Bass, stands as an aural descent into the sombre chaos of an unformed planetoid of unknown origins.

For fans of diSEMBOWELMENT, Disma, Evoken, Oranssi Pazuzu

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