Apparition (ES) – Fear The Apparition (Translucent Phantom Blue LP)

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Second pressing on translucent phantom blue vinyl limited to 200 copies.

On ‘Fear The Apparition’ the trio from Zaragoza delivers 8 classic, grave-smelling, powerful Death Metal songs with a slight Thrash Metal touch. If you like bands as Skeletal Remains, Sadistic Intent, Malevolent Creation or Pestilence, then you will shed tears of joy when you listen to ‘Fear The Apparition’. The artwork was drawn by Markus Vesper (Denial Of God, Attic, Manilla Road..etc.). Most parts of the album were recorded by the band themselves, only for the drum recording they went to Moontower Studios. It was ultimately completely mixed and mastered there by Javi Felez.

Track listing:
1. A Haunting Reflection 04:28
2. The Black Witch 04:18
3. Demonic Torment 04:51
4. Mummified Sanctity 05:41
5. Soldier of Death 04:15
6. Vanquished in Scorn 03:54
7. Quest for Blood 04:27
8. Apparition 04:51

Total Runtime: 36:45

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