Amon – Liar in Wait

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Before DEICIDE there was AMON! After the Hoffman brothers left DEICIDE they reformed AMON and in 2012 released “Liar In Wait” an album that is filled with the aggression that DEICIDE left behind once Brian and Eric left the band. AMON “Liar In Wait” is an absolutely Destructive, Brutal and complex Death Metal album. Filled to the brim with technical riffs, excellent leads, brutal vocals and is crafted with musicianship that is superb! Relentless brutality that is more of a form of controlled chaos… Absolutely sick!

1. Among Us 4:45
2. Eye Of The Infinite 4:17
3. Lash Thy Tongue And Vomit Lies 3:56
4. Liar In Wait 4:22
5. Reaching For Flesh 2:59
6. Semblance Of Man 5:14
7. Sentience And Sapience 3:26
8. Spat Forth From The Darkness 3:33
9. Wraith Of Gaia 3:20

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