Amentia – Burn to Hate

$12.00 CAD

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Too tired of lots of trendy guttural slam stuff? Try those raging Belarusian boys, give them a listen. You’ll hear very impressive, intensive technical old-school brutal death metal in the vein of such bands like Morbid Angel, early Hate Eternal, Incantation, Diabolic, Krisiun, Dementor, and Rebaelliun. Forget about fashion; just get deep into this pure underground furious death metal. One of the best debuts on post-CIS states death-metal scene. Featuring members of cult Belarusian mincers Posthumous Blasphemer. Informative booklet, Exhumator’s cover on “Crucifixion Decapitated and multimedia section with live-video on a song called “Degradation” included.

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