Abstracter – Abominion (Digi Pak)

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ORCD 174) ABSTRACTER / Abominion (Digipak CD)
Release Date: 26th Nov 2021

Blackened Doom / Sludge from Oakland, USA. 4th album.
Asian Limited Digipak version comes with Obi.

1. Eclipse Born
2. Warhead Twilight
3. Tenebrae
4. Abyss Above
5. Lighteater

Formed in 2010, Black Doom from Oakland, USA, California. In 2018, ABSTRACTER went on a Japan tour with the third album “Cinereous Incarnate” (the Japanese version was released from Daymare Recordings) and covered the Japanese archipelago in the dark.
This is the 4th album for the first time in 3 years, and it is a song that is darker, heavier and more intense than the previous one. The ultra-slow tempo that is similar to the funeral doom, the bombing type blast beat reminiscent of war black metal and the “heavy” sneaked into the deeper darkness of the darkness. The darkness that even a little light does not reach. It is a terrible work like a black hole.

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