Hate S.A. – La Sangre Del Tiempo ( The Blood of TIme)

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This release is – like the very first one – very special, very personal to me. I am very proud to work with HATE S.A. and to get the chance to re-release their sold out 2013 masterpiece “La Sangre Del Tiempo” (The Blood Of Time).

I am following the bands career since their “Republica de Odio”-release in 2003 which already was a good one. But the following works had been a steady improvement talking about songwriting, technical skills and the complete representation of the band. Fulminating in two of the best groove thrash albums of all time (if you ask me): “La Sangre Del Tiempo” and “Prevalecer”. (The latter one may be to be released on CD through Ragnarök at the end of 2017 for the very first time.)
These albums both have what a perfect (groove) thrash album needs: Solid songwriting, outstanding technical skills, measuring riffs and leads, an aggressive voice, spanish lyrics which underline that special south American feeling about social circumstances, the indian legacy and at least a cover that fits perfectly to that dark, scary and rebellious atmosphere.
What you get here is no less than a masterpiece!!!

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