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Bastard Son

Death Metal from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Spawned in 2010, featuring all former members from Heaps of Dead. When the drummer and vocalist switched roles, it resulted in the need for a name change. In 2012, Bastard Son independently released Betraying us all… [continue]

Album art for The Dark Hand by Bastard Son

Bastard Son – The Dark Hand

Released May 24th, 2019, The Dark Hand is a brutal, old-school influenced skull-crusher. One of Canada’s most brutal old school death metal bands!

Cover for The Bastard Within - Better Dead Than Friends

The Bastard Within – Better Dead Than Friends

Debut full length of this furious grindcore band from Italy/Switzerland with Kevin Talley (DYING FETUS/MISERY INDEX) on drums. The Italian band THE BASTARD WITHIN at the end of 2019 began to look for their debut album nest of support, which found the… [continue]

Cover for Drunken Bastards / Rotten - Global Nuclearism

Drunken Bastards / Rotten – Global Nuclearism

(The new titans of Hungarian punky thrash metal with a 5-track live recording; there are brandnew tracks, too, but also older hits and a coversong from the dirty EAT MY FUK; other band of the split material is RÖTTEN from Mexico, this… [continue]