Solace of the Void

Stellar evolution. A mastery of the nuclear. The birth of Polaris. Northern, luminous and majestic, the plasmic glow of Polaris is the light by which Canada’s SOLACE OF THE VOID have gathered.

Deeply-rooted in the permafrost of creation, SOLACE OF THE VOID is a fusion of twenty prominent Canadian musicians whose blackened metal roots have spent the past four years in a serpentine-like dance with elements of mystical folk and outlandish symphonic bombast.

Solace of the Void profile insignia

Created in 2015 by Michael Grund (Hexenklad, Battlesoul, SIG:AR:TYR) and John Chalmers (Hexenklad, Pagan Ritual), SOLACE OF THE VOID promises a journey into solitude and uncertainty… a return to the firmament.

SOLACE OF THE VOID released their debut album on July 26th via legendary Canadian label, CDN Records. Recorded at Shiver Sound Studios. Mixed and mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios.

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