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Crackwhore – Let This Be A Lesson…

CDs • Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Crackwhore (Vancouver) are back with an aggressive hybrid of chunky, punchy Death Metal with hints of Thrash, Grind, Black, Tech and Doom.


Crackwhore was conceived in 2003 by like-minded veterans of the Vancouver death metal scene, who have since left in its wake and parted ways to pursue separate musical endeavors.

A sonic weapon of a sophmore recording, “Let This Be A Lesson…”, had been meticulously crafted and perfected. Its deployment under CDN Records guarantees you will not survive.

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The Members of Crackwhore

Drummer - Bitchslapper
Ex vocal - Regurgitator
Ex guitar - Violator
Ex bass guitar - Mister Nasty

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